This is the electronic book’s iPod moment

Amazon’s Kindle for £109.






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  1. Hmmm, these are starting to get to the right price. Looks much nicer now too

  2. Gary

    I think so too. I wrote this last february:

    Leaving aside the fact that the paperback book is pretty much perfect, Amazon’s device doesn’t do colour and you’re not going to use a $359 gadget to kill wasps, there are three big problems with it. The first is that despite the redesign, it still looks like something Noddy and Big Ears would use. The second is that Amazon has removed some key features, making it less flexible than before. And the third is that it simply isn’t good enough when you compare it to other gadgets.

    The last Kindle was near-iPad money for something that wasn’t an iPad. This is five-hardbacks money. That’s much more like it, I think.

  3. Gary

    Or to put it another way: there’s no way I’d have bought the first Kindle, or the DX. But I’d buy one of these, and probably will. Brilliant for holidays, less upsetting to break than an iPad :)