“Flawed flagships and mediocre mid-tier mobiles”

All About Symbian is a website about, you guessed it, the Symbian mobile phone operating system. This devastating piece by Steve Litchfield looks at the flagship handsets running the OS and finds the lot of them lacking.

There are some pretty fundamental issues in the high end devices above, to be honest, some of which should have been caught by even a cursory examination by anyone with their head screwed on straight… it does rather seem as if Nokia and other Symbian partners have gone out of their way to shoot themselves in the foot, time after time – not one of the above is remotely close to being perfectly conceived (never mind implemented).

When your best friends say you’ve got a problem, you’ve really got a problem.

In other news, it appears that Apple is finally investigating the iOS 4 issues that render many iPhone 3G mobiles useless. Not only was the problem overlooked during testing – did they bother testing on the 3G? – but it’s taken more than a month for Apple to start investigating. That just isn’t good enough.