Don’t upgrade your iPhone 3G to iOS 4

Or at least, don’t do it if you like using your phone. It’s not just me: we asked Techradar readers for their experiences and it seems that the iPhone 3G and the initial release of iOS 4.0 go together like strawberries and Beelzebub.

Maybe all those new goodies in the OS – the folders, the spell checker, the new APIs – are too ambitious for the 3G, or maybe there’s a leaky app somewhere causing chaos, but 3Gs seem to be encountering problems that aren’t affecting the 3GS.

Of the three 3Gs I personally know of, all three have been slowed down dramatically by the OS upgrade.






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  1. Mine’s working OK. It’s just as slow as it was before upgrading it. Well. Slowish

  2. Gary

    My one, my wife’s one and a friend’s one are all running considerably more slowly. I’ve found a reset (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings) improves things a bit, but I’ve no idea how long that lasts for.

    It’s a pain.