Apple’s fourth iPhone

I wasn’t impressed by the 3GS – it seemed like a lot of cash for not a lot of things – but I’m sold on the fourth one, UK prices permitting. Techradar’s Apple iPhone review tells you what’s what. The big selling point for me is the new screen.

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Daring Fireball on the screen:

It’s mentioned briefly in Apple’s promotional video about the design of the iPhone 4, but they’re using a new production process that effectively fuses the LCD and touchscreen — there is no longer any air between the two. One result of this is that the iPhone 4 should be impervious to this dust-under-the-glass issue. More importantly, though, is that it looks better. The effect is that the pixels appear to be painted on the surface of the phone; instead of looking at pixels under glass, it like looking at pixels on glass. Combined with the incredibly high pixel density, the overall effect is like “live print”.

It also improved the field of view for the display — you can view the display from an oblique angle and it looks great. Again, like print. It’s like a glossy magazine come to life.

This iPhone has 4 times as many pixels as the last one, and 78 percent of the pixels in an iPad’s 9.5-inch screen. Packed into a 3.5-inch screen, at this resolution it looks gorgeous.

Doesn’t that mean that Apple have just announced that the Ipad’s screen is already obsolete?

Funny you should say that, I was having a similar discussion with some of my fellow hacks. That screen makes me want the iPhone more than I want an iPad, and finances mean I can’t have both. iPhone wins.

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