Microsoft gets Windows Mobile right, at last

Me, on Techradar:

Hopefully this is part of a bigger trend. For years, technology has become more and more complicated, often for no good reason. I do a monthly radio surgery where listeners phone in with their technology troubles, and more often than not they’re being driven daft by something that should be simple, but isn’t. Far from being an enabler, something that helps us get things done, technology can become a barrier, a binary bouncer that stops us doing the things we want to do.






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  1. WM7S does look pretty good. Perhaps a bit too stripped-down for me, but no question that it’s moving in the right direction.

    Had to laugh at the first comment: iPad no good because it can’t multitask etc, who wants that? I’ll tell you who: every non-tech person I know; they don’t even know what multi-tasking is, much less want it. OK, it’s a tech site so the readers will be techies. But the whole point to this new trend is that they need to stop developing for techies. Your average developer considers the CLI a user-friendly interface.

  2. Gary

    I do wonder why I bother sometimes :)