Will Tesco kill the iPhone’s cool?

Yes. Yes, it will. So what?

Look around you the next time you’re at a gig, or in an airport, or anywhere else large numbers of people are gathered. You’ll see loads of iPhones, many of them in the hands of idiots.






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  1. tm

    >Look around you the next time you’re at a gig, or in an airport

    I don’t understand, I can do that every morning on the train right now. It doesn’t need Tesco.
    Yes, soon their may be more, but there are lots already.

    (Disclaimer: Not everyone who has an iPhone, or indeed everyone who is on the train and has an iPhone is an idiot. But plenty of them are.)

  2. If launching a 2G handset into a 3G market and failing to have basic functions like copy-and-paste didn’t kill the Iphone’s cool, why would being sold by Tesco?

    Besides, one thing we can say for certain about Iphone owners after their tantrums over the last few years about being asked to stay in 18-month contracts for 18 months and not being given free hardware upgrades for no reason, and that’s that they’re not actually all that big on the whole high-price-creating-exclusivity thing.

  3. Gary

    Um, that was the point I was making…

  4. Gary

    Anyone would think you’re not a fan :)

  5. Heh. I actually think I just don’t much care for touchscreens.

    My dad’s just switched to the Iphone. Just sayin’, like.