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Unemployment? There’s an app for that

Smartphone apps are great – unless they’re putting you out of business. Today’s Techradar op/ed:

If you can scan the barcode on a flat-screen TV, a fridge, a Fimbles DVD or anything else you’re thinking of buying, you can instantly discover where there’s a better deal. It could be the shop next door, or a website. That’s seriously bad news for high street shops, because the internet will undercut them almost every time.

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The smartphones just make it a little more convenient. You’ve phoned me before to look stuff up at home when you’re out shopping. You can buy the parkers guide in a newsagent.

On a similar note, it used to really annoy PC world when you notice their prices are different to the online one, which they don’t match, so you go online on your phone, buy it off the site and click on “Collect in Store”. Since they’ve changed their adverts to saying they have the same prices in store and online it’s not as fun.

To an extent yeah, but the parker guide does more as an app than it does as a printed thing. Print version just makes vague noises about spec and mileage, whereas the app makes adjustments to the price instantly. It’s pretty nifty.

Of course, the dealers will now say “aha! But that’s not what Glass’s guide says!”. You can get round that, but it’s about £3 per valuation.

It seems there really is an app for anything…

…have you seen the app that listening to a crying baby and determines why it is unhappy…!

Can that really work?! How desperate do you have to be to consult your iPhone on why you baby is crying…!

I very much doubt that would work. Anyway, you don’t need an app to give you the answer: the baby is crying because it’s a baby.

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