Firefox is five, and that’s fab

Yes it is.

If it weren’t for Firefox, you’d be reading this in IE6 – the software equivalent of the horrible Trabants the East Germans tooled around in before the Berlin Wall came down. It’s a browser, certainly, in much the same way that a Trabant is a car. But the Trabant isn’t a great car, and IE6 certainly isn’t a great browser.






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  1. Had me first really bad Firefox experience the other day. It automatically installed its latest update on my XP machine, and completely died. Needed to delete all preference files and reinstall just to get the browser to even start up. Was sitting there thinking “I hear Chrome’s good.”

  2. Gary

    Chrome is good – I’m using it right now – but it’s not as expandable as Firefox and a few sites (eg Littlewoods’ make it go weird and crazy.

    I’m not saying Firefox is perfect – it certainly isn’t – but the Internet is a better place because of it, IMO.

  3. Oh, I’m sticking with Firefox. I just meant that, of all the times for them to release a dodgy update that leads to catastrophic failure (even if only on some machines), just after a new and much-lauded competitor has appeared is a really bad one.