Spotify on mobile is doomed to failure

Sorry I’ve been quiet: still ill. But not too ill to predict doom! DOOM!

in order to exist, Spotify has to pay the bills – and you can be confident that it’s paying rates that the BBC would laugh at. By all accounts the going royalty rate for streaming music is around 1p per stream, which doesn’t sound like a lot until you start getting lots of users.

One user listening to ten streams per day is 10p a day, or £3.00 per month – which means Spotify’s paying more than the BBC spends on its entire radio and online output.



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  2. I downloaded the Spotify app and of course signed up for premium service. I suppose it is quite expensive, but I love being able to call up virtually any music on the iPhone whenever I have a data signal, and the offline playlist function is really nice. The novelty may wear off in time I suppose!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Spotify is the enemy of efficiency. Yes, I’ve got a fairly intensive xml import task to do and I’d better….OOOH!!! THE PIXIES!!!