Snow Leopard and Windows 7; also, why does Opera bother?

Here’s a pair of pieces I’ve written for Techradar. First, Snow Leopard versus Windows 7. Which is better? It’s a bit more complicated than that:

So which is better? We think that’s the wrong question. Snow Leopard is better than Leopard, and Windows 7 is better than Windows Vista. If you aren’t planning to buy a new computer in the not too distant future, that’s all that matters: whichever platform you’re currently running, upgrading is well worth the money.

Secondly, why does Opera bother making a desktop browser?

Whenever we write about a new version of Opera, we feel like Top Gear‘s James May updating the audience on the Dacia Sandero.

Opera isn’t a bad browser by any means – quite the opposite – but like the Dacia, it’s something foreigners go for while we don’t.