Augmented reality and, er, kidnapping famous people

I think augmented reality is ridiculously exciting.

My brain crashed yesterday. I was sitting in the BBC, waiting to blab about gadgets, and I was next to a distinguished-looking chap who looked incredibly familiar.

“I know him,” I thought. “I know that face.” But my brain wasn’t playing, and it was only when I asked somebody later on that I discovered I’d been sitting next to one of the greatest novelists in the entire universe.

Wouldn’t it have been great if I’d been able to surreptitiously point my mobile at him to discover who he was, Google what I should and shouldn’t say to him, and then post geotagged ransom notes to his publisher as I kidnapped him and bundled him into the boot of my car?

Augmented Reality promises all that and much, much more.






0 responses to “Augmented reality and, er, kidnapping famous people”

  1. And what happens if you don’t have an online profile, a social networking account, or an ASBO? I’ll tell you what happens – you get Simon Pegg screaming at you, that’s what.

  2. And, that’s got me thinking “distinguished…on MacAulay & Co…?” Nope, no idea. The most useless website “Fred MacAulay is joined by celebrity guests for a wry look at the stories of the day” for every show.

  3. Gary

    It was William McIlvanney. He was in to do a VoiceOver for something.

  4. Cool. Been a while.