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Have you been following the TechCrunch/Twitter story? The short version:

If you haven’t been following the story, somebody hacked into various Twitter-related online accounts, grabbed a whole bunch of private documents and gave them to TechCrunch. With a heavy heart, TechCrunch is going to publish them.

It’s all a bit tabloid newspaper. But it’s not the publication that bugs me – it’s the public agonising over a decision that’s already been made. It’s going to get traffic. Of course TechCrunch is going to publish it. But it’s not TechCrunch’s fault.

“It’s not my fault,” Goldilocks said. “It’s not my fault that porridge is so tasty. It’s not my fault that the bears live in a house whose ground floor windows are easy to climb up to. It’s not my fault that the bears left their tasty, tasty porridge on a table where anybody passing by could see it. I feel bad for the bears and I wish this had never happened. But it did happen, and the porridge was there, and somebody was going to come along and eat it.”