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Chrome OS: Google waves its arse at Windows

A Google operating system? Yep:

Somewhere in America, Steve Ballmer is chucking chairs and bellowing the C-word: Chrome.

Chrome is no longer just a browser: it’s a heat-seeking missile heading straight for Microsoft’s core business. If it’s good, it could transform the PC industry; even if it’s just Quite Good, it’s going to be bad news for Windows.

No matter how it pans it, it’s fantastic news for lawyers.

It won’t be the internet: it’ll be the Googlenet.

Does anybody think the EU and US competition watchdogs will be fine with that?

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It won’t tempt the hardcore gamers or the video editors …

Not at first, maybe. But, if the platform gets popular, peopel will start building some decent video-editing apps and audio-recording apps and graphics apps for it. Even my Nokia N810 has multi-tracking and a couple of excellent synths, and it’s hardly a popular platform. Imagine how much more stuff would get built for Chrome if it takes off.

Probably never get the hardcore gamers, though, no.

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