Two on Techradar: let’s have a tech firm fight, and: should we bury online touts with Michael Jackson?

Sorry I’ve been quiet. I’ve been away for a few days. Here are a couple of things I’ve written… first up, Mozilla says Internet Explorer is like malaria. Let’s have a tech firm fight!

“IE is like malaria, is it?” Microsoft could say. “Well! Firefox is like a big fat boy on a girl’s bike! And also, your mum is fat!”

Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

Also, Michael Jackson’s death is going to leave a lot of ticket holders in a financial mess. Should Something Be Done about online ticket touting? The column has been reworded on grounds of taste and decency, but here’s one of the edited lines in its original form:

Concert tickets have become an elaborate mechanism for doing to music fans what Michael Jackson allegedly did to [Er, let’s not go there – Ed].



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  1. ::pictures the IE-FF fight on Harry Hill::

  2. Have you seen that only the first 10 to 15 nights at the O2 were insured? AEG stand to lose a fortune.

  3. Gary

    Bloody hell. That wasn’t very clever – especially given Jackson’s record of cancelling gigs. Not the smartest business decision of all time.

  4. Squander Two

    Well, it wasn’t that AEG made the decision not to insure; it was that every insurance company in the world made the decision to turn down the business. People who assess risk for a living reckoned this was a certainty.

    AEG decided to go ahead anyway (or “self-insure”, as they brilliantly put it). I don’t think they discovered the gigs were uninsurable till after they’d sold the tickets, though, so they didn’t have a lot of choice. Oops.

  5. Gary

    Achewood, posted before you post it :)

  6. Heh heh heh.

    Did you see their description of Facebook the other day? “It’s kind of like if the pictures in your high school yearbook came alive and went bald and said sorry.”

  7. Squander Two

    AEG have a solution to their financial difficulties:

    Michael Jackson’s tour promoter AEG has angered fans by inviting them to keep their unusable concert tickets as a “memento” of the star rather than claim a refund.

    In other news, AEG announced that someone had broken into their lock-up and done a runner with some gear, but some guy down the bookies had tipped them the wink on who done the job and they were going to have some of the lads have a quiet word with him, know what I mean?