Hyperlinks to memories

Another .net column has made its way online. This one’s about attention and the way that gadgets can remove you from the moment you’re filming, photographing or tweeting about.

Photos and videos are hyperlinks to memories, icons that your brain double-clicks to bring back the full experience – the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of a happy day or a crappy one.

Increasingly, though, we’re using gadgets to record the whole experience. That makes us passive observers, not active participants.






0 responses to “Hyperlinks to memories”

  1. Mr Shankly

    Great article, this is something that always gets on my nerves, particularly on nights out. Why can’t we just enjoy ourselves instead of living in a culture of instant nostalgia?

  2. I have the opposite problem. I’m always very aware that I’m detaching myself from the moment when I’m taking photos, so I tend not to do it. Have to really force myself to get the camera out, or we’re not going to have any souvenirs at all.

  3. When I read that it reminded me of the Newswipe bit where Brooker was having a blazing row with his girlfriend, but watching her on the iPhone. Although, I do realise he was kinda making the opposite point.