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A question for tech/online journos

As more and more of my writing goes up online, that means more and more of it attracts comments – and because I’m a paid-up member of the “journalism is the start of the conversation” club, I’d like to know when somebody adds something substantial to, or spots a glaring error in, something I’ve scribbled.

Does anybody know of a good, one-stop solution to tracking comments on multiple articles? For example, on I can use the “most commented” thing to see the most recent/busiest comment threads, but ideally I’d like something web-based or RSS-based that would ensure I don’t miss anything.

Does such a thing exist?

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I think we must have tried it and abandoned it at the same time :) might be worth revisiting. I’ll go and look.

You could try backtweets, or its big brother owner whose name I forget – backcomments or something?

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