Who should you sneer at online?

It’s all very confusing: one of my recent .net columns is up on Techradar:

Print out this cut-out-and keep guide, pin it to your monitor and you’ll always know exactly who to look down on…

If you’re on Bebo, you’re 14. If you’re on MySpace, you’re not in a band and you’re not an imbecile, you’re pretending to be 14 and you’ll soon be on the front of the local paper.

One of the sites I slagged was Asmallworld, the exclusive social network for the filthy rich. I was amused when, just after this column hit print, a designer posted it on Asmallworld and the responses proved me right.





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  1. Tellingly, I just revamped a musician client’s site, and during the project work he said: when we did the redo two years ago I was trying to steer people away from the site to my Myspace page. Now, I’m trying to steer people away from my Myspace page to my site.

    Also for your list, LinkedIn is for people who refer to themselves as “Evangelists”, “Visionaries”, and “Gurus”, which is business-speak for “w*****s.”

  2. Ben

    Brilliant piece, very true.

    “MSN is for people who haven’t worked out how to change their browser home page.”

    This made me laugh so much.

  3. LinkedIn is just awful. Facebook for work. Who even had that idea?

  4. Gary

    Depends on your line of work. New media firms have found it a really good recruitment tool. Saves them a fortune on job ads.

    Damn! I’ve just been nice about something.

    I’m on it – I’m on most of them – but I’ve never found it useful for anything.