Good god. It’s sexy Linux!

Moblin, the Intel-backed Linux for netbooks, looks pretty nifty. Which makes a change:

With most technology, looking into it is like shopping for a new and exciting car. We’ll happily spend days scanning brochures, reading reviews and coming up with increasingly imaginative and expensive configurations.

With Linux, though, it’s more like shopping for a new central heating boiler. You know it’s going to be worthwhile and you know it’s going to save you money, but it’s hard to summon up much enthusiasm. Oh look. It’s a boiler. Oh look. It’s another boiler. Oh look. It’s a slightly different boiler. Oh look. I’ve wasted my life.






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  1. Squander Two

    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind was superb, I’ll have you know.

  2. Gary

    Oh, I agree, but I’m still right.

  3. As is Jackie Brown.

    Actually, was thinking about Kaufman after going to see the BAD Synechdoche, New york. (It’s not pretentious, indulgent or a mess; it’s BAD.) And, realised that my favourtie films he’s scripted were based on other source material. Sunshine was my least fave*, which I always thought was Michael Gondry’s fault. I’ve revised that opinion.

    *I’m not suggesting it’s not a good film. Mind you; ELO?!?! FFS.

  4. Jackie Brown is good, yes. And if people had accepted how good it was and not slagged it off for just being a good film instead of a TARANTINO! film, he’d be making better stuff to this day.

    I love the way that Michael Keaton plays the same part as in Out Of Sight, even though the films aren’t even from the same studio.