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Bing is a terrible name for a search engine

Isn’t it? Yes.

This… is the same firm that decided to call its security suite Microsoft Wanker. Sure, it says OneCare when it’s written down, but go on. Read it aloud.

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Hi Gary,

Not only is it a terrible name (bing) but it appears that webmasters cannot get their sites indexed. There are some serious issues with this and the response from Microsoft tech’s (support forums) when addressing this is that most webmasters don’t have a clue? or they need to do this and do that, even when most of these webmasters are indexed well on Google, Yahoo etc. This is a very offensive way to respond to indexing issues when the problem lies with Microsoft. If websites cannot be indexed because of their own technical issues (Microsoft),”bing” searches are a waste of time. The question arises is how could they have screwed up so bad? as just a few years ago they were a viable contender in search technology.

Oh, thanks for that. I hadn’t heard of webmaster problems – I’ll go and check it out.

Bing is a HORRIBLE search engine.

It’s the same old MSN search engine.

The people at Microsoft will never get it right.

Change Bing to And put MORE, not less results.

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