Hey! Teacher! Leave Wi-Fi alone!

The teachers’ union ATL wants Wi-Fi to be ripped out of schools because of its evil brain-eating properties. Amazingly, I have an opinion about that. Techradar:

Our kids are growing up in a confusing world. Marketers use pseudo-science to flog their products, online misinformation abounds and newspapers are all too happy to run scare stories that don’t stand up.

That means teachers are invaluable: we rely on them to help our kids separate fact from fiction, truth from trash and scaremongering from science. Which is why it’s so depressing that the teaching union ATL has resurrected the killer Wi-Fi scare.

[The teacher behind the motion] also mentions the Swedish use of tinfoil hats – well, anti-radiation paint – and instead of coming to the logical conclusion, which is that the Swedes are completely nuts, he persuaded the ATL to lobby the government to investigate the “considerable biological and thermal effects” of wireless networking – despite an investigation already being in progress, and there being no evidence of “considerable” anything.