Techradar Thursday: 3G sucks, Google should buy things

More words on the Internet. First, six companies Google should buy including, yep, Twitter:

Google’s search spiders are amazing things, but they can’t do what Twitter Search does: let you see in real time what six million people are saying. Bringing Twitter into the fold could work in two ways: as a search tool in its own right, and as a way to refine web results based on ‘trending’ – that is, up and coming – topics people are chatting about. For Twitter users, Google could offer better reliability: while Google Mail has been up and down a bit over the last few months, you’re still much more likely to see the Twitter Fail Whale than have problems with a Google site.

Then, 3G sucks when you’re in the sticks.

On a good day, outside, you’ll see the little 3G icon. Go indoors, though, and it disappears. That’s on a good day. On a bad day, like yesterday, there’s no 3G signal at all. We couldn’t even use GSM. Phone calls? Yes. Data? Nope.

The further from the cities you go, the worse it gets. And Scotland, like Wales, Northern Ireland and the North of England, doesn’t have too many big cities. If you stick to the big motorways, the cities and the very biggest towns you’ll get decent coverage. Everywhere else – and in Scotland, most of the country is everywhere else – you won’t.






0 responses to “Techradar Thursday: 3G sucks, Google should buy things”

  1. “Search 2.0”? Is that not one of you face-punching terms?

  2. Gary

    It just demonstrates the scale of the problem.

  3. Squander Two

    I suspect Gary concocted the list of face-punching terms by pouring his own articles through a large sieve.

    > With Blogger largely the preserve of spammers, lunatics and your gran …

    Oh, thanks.

    Blogger’s much underrated, I think. It’s an utterly superb service. When my Web hosts cut my account, it took about three clicks to have the whole site up and running again on Blogger’s own servers. And it’s perfectly customisable and flexible.

    That being said, I’m dying to give Boltwire a try.

  4. Gary

    Heh, I forgot that you’re on Blogger. You’re not a spammer, and you’re not your gran…

  5. There may still be a resentment of Blogger left over from its early days when it was pretty flaky. After it was acquired by Google it improved immensely, I can’t remember the last time it was down. That might be the best reason why Google should buy Twitter. Facebook is now the new preserve of your gran. I can’t begin to count the number of MovableType and WordPress sites I follow that have had server and hosting problems.

  6. Gary

    Yeah, that’s a fair point.

  7. I used to be on Blogger, but now have my own domain running WordPress. (This is a not-so-subtle hint for you to update your links!)

  8. Gary

    ‘Tis done.

  9. Thanks!

    Now to revel in the PageRank boost… ;-)