Techradar: Chrome 2 and iPhone 3

There’s a new beta of Chrome 2. It’s fast, but there are still a few things missing.

Also: iPhone 3.0 – it’s all about the apps.

It helps if you remember that the iPhone isn’t really a phone. It’s a portable computer that just happens to make phone calls, an operating system that’s going to be available on 30 million devices.

What’s important isn’t what Apple is adding for end users, but what it’s giving developers. With version 3.0, they’ve just been given a whole bunch of new toys to play with






0 responses to “Techradar: Chrome 2 and iPhone 3”

  1. Andy McG

    I’m almost at a loss after reading all that.

  2. Squander Two

    You could pair your phone with a pedometer, or a medical monitor, or your car’s computer, or anything else with a USB port or Bluetooth radio.

    I would just like to say that I misread that as “your cat’s computer”. Which I think would be better.

    I finally got me Nokia N810, by the way, and am very very happy with it indeed.