Maybe it’s time for the public sector to run Linux

Me, on Techradar: GhostNet is a wake-up call. Upgrade Windows or switch to Linux.

Compromising old Windows boxes is like stealing candy from a baby. Compromising Linux boxes is more like stealing candy from a baby that’s locked away in a subterranean vault with armed robot guards, packs of savage Rottweilers and lots of Indiana Jones-style traps. On the moon.






0 responses to “Maybe it’s time for the public sector to run Linux”

  1. You’re right of course. But how many senior government officials even know that there are operating systems other than Windows?

  2. Squander Two

    What is this “operating system” of which you speak?

  3. Squander Two

    You know, it was the British Intelligence services who invented the computer, precisely to give them an edge over all the world’s other intelligence services. Considering the speed he was already doing, they’re going to have to invent a special machine to enable Turing to spin even faster in his grave.