Windows 7 versions: come on, it’s not that complicated

Me, on Techradar: OMG! 132 versions of Windows 7!

We’re the first to mock Microsoft when the firm deserves it, but the Windows 7 line-up simply isn’t as complicated as some reports would have you believe. For the majority of us there will be two choices, just as there were with Windows XP. Home user? Windows 7 Home Premium. Home worker or small business? Windows 7 Professional.

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“Look at it this way: most people show up to work, or school, or whatever, and they are eager to show their friends what cool new things they’ve got on their iPhone. Of the 50 apps they may have on their iPhone, they may only get a chance to show five of them to their friends. If your app is one of those five, and it can prove its worth in ten to fifteen seconds, then you’ve got yourself a successful app.” [Steve Demeter, developer of Trism]






0 responses to “Windows 7 versions: come on, it’s not that complicated”

  1. McGazz

    Is W7 basically Vista SP2? Or is it worth waiting for? (I’m thinking about replacing my knackered old XP machine at the moment)

  2. mupwangle

    From what I’ve seen it’s what Vista should’ve been. I doubt that any SP releases will patch Vista enough.

  3. Gary

    I’d hang on. Even when SP2 comes out Vista’s going to be something of a resource hog. I’ve been running Vista on two machines – a ridiculously overpowered homebrew machine and a ridiculously underpowered laptop – and it’s great on the big ‘un and painful on the little one. Been running 7 on the laptop for a few weeks and it’s a vast improvement.

    7 uses the same basic guts as Vista so kit that currently works should still work under 7, but I’d wait until it’s out to make sure. I bought my laptop under a Vista upgrade programme (ie, buy it now, we’ll send you Vista when it comes out) and it was a pain in the arse.

  4. mupwangle

    As far as I’m aware, they’ve not changed the drivers subsystem much (if at all). I think it actually reports to driver installers as being Vista.

  5. McGazz

    Cheers for that – I’ll probably hang on for W7 :)

  6. Gary

    @mupwangle – yeah, vista drivers work on 7. Which means there shouldn’t be a repeat of the big XP-to-Vista upgrade problem.