Twitter: here come the masses

Me, on Techradar: Twitter’s about to be invaded by the masses. We have a cunning plan.






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  1. Makes me glad I never really got around to sussing out wht it does. Then again, nevermind facebook, mySpace is still therebedragons for me.

    As an aside. While looking into ‘social commerce’ for a (pretty friggin’ major) client, I came across this site:
    How to use Twitter for marketing and PR

  2. mupwangle

    I can’t get my head round twitter at all.

  3. Gary

    That link’s brilliant.

    It’s basically facebook without the faff. You follow people you’re interested in, and that shows you whatever they post. Some people use it for a blow by blow account of their day, others to post stuff they found online, and, er, that’s about it really.

  4. I think I mentioned that I had to stop subscribing to one of the popular SEO mailing lists because their whole thing now is “you must use Twitter! You must use Twitter!” How far up yourself do you have to be to think that everyone in the world is glued to a screen all day and is interested in reading your inner monologue.

  5. Gary

    Judging by the traffic numbers, a lot of people are rather far up themselves. Including me! :)

  6. I thought the cool crowd is now moving to

  7. Gary

    Maybe… this is something that’s apparently vexing the “social media butterflies”: Broadstuff reports.

  8. Hi Gary,

    The team, as always heard you on Fred McCauley
    singing the praises of twitter.

    Sorry I just don’t get it – are you a big brother fan?


  9. Gary

    Hi Marianne. Heh, no, I can’t stand big brother. The trick is to follow people with interesting things to say. And me :)