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Techradar Thursday: Macs, dangerous bullshit and Digital Britain

A whole bunch of things are going up today. First, If Macs are so great, why isn’t everybody switching?

Design, reliability, security… we all know why Apple addicts love their Macs.

But despite fawning press coverage and the bad publicity surrounding Vista, Macs are still very much in the minority.

So, why are PC owners sticking with Windows? Do Macs cost too much, or are PC owners masochists?

Also, Think before you link:

More often than not, we – that is, bloggers, forum users, Twitterers and the like – will link to an interesting or scary news story when it’s first published. How many of us go back to check whether the story stands up, and rewrite our blog posts if the story turns out to be wrong?

And later on, some stuff about Lord Carter’s Digital Britain report. I’ll update this post with a link when that one’s up. And by “when that one’s up” I mean “when I’ve written it.”

Update: here’s the Digital Britain piece: The Good, The Bad and the WTF?

Lord Carter’s Digital Britain report isn’t an easy read, not least because some of it appears to have been written by aliens.Cut through the bureaucratese, though, and there are some interesting plans up the Government’s sleeve. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some are just weird.

4 replies on “Techradar Thursday: Macs, dangerous bullshit and Digital Britain”

“If Macs are so great, why isn’t everybody switching?” Erm…..How do you spell “link-bater headline” again? :)

I’ve decided that my next computer purchase will be a mac but they’re almost restrictively expensive. That said, I’ll save my pennies and buy myself a decent one before I ever buy another PC with a Microsoft operating system.

@graham: funny you should say that, because when I write stuff like this I’m inundated with complimentary comments telling me that I’m a great big master baiter ;)

I think, in the parallel world where I can actually afford it, my next one will be a netbook – so obviously (for now at least) that rules out a Mac. As much as I like the look of the macbook air it’s too big and wayyyyyyyyy too expensive. A Samsung NC-10 running Win7 will do nicely, because all I want it to do is word processing and maybe the odd email. Next big machine will be a big iMac, because the old PBook is full of baby food and drool.

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