.net column: I read the news today, oh boy

Another of my .net columns has made its way to them thar internets:

There were four interesting news stories this week. The Home Office decided that it fancied a giant central database of everybody’s internet activity, something that would be perfect for data mining in search of thought crimes. A student was detained for six days under antiterrorist legislation for downloading documents from the US Department of Justice website. A well-intentioned but badly drafted new law could put manga fans in prison as suspected kiddie-fiddlers. And Boris Johnson banned booze on the London Underground. Only one of these caused UK internet users to take to the streets in mass protest. Can you guess which one?






0 responses to “.net column: I read the news today, oh boy”

  1. How long have you been looking for an excuse to use that as your post title?

  2. Gary

    Oh, years. I suspect I’ll have to wait even longer to use my new must-use headline: OBAMA LLAMA DING DONG.

  3. Make it OBAMA LAMA DING DONG and you probably won’t have to wait more than a few minutes.