Hey, Microsoft! Why don’t you give Windows 7 away for free?

Me, on Techradar:

It boots in less than a fortnight. It doesn’t make our laptop shoot up to 100% CPU usage for no good reason, generating enough heat to cook a moose. It goes like lightning on machines that struggled with Vista. It’s very good. In fact, it’s great. Which is why Microsoft should give it away.






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  1. It’s an inspired idea. Which is why it will never even occur to Microsoft, much less be implemented.

  2. Gary

    Heh. There was a funny comment about this on Digg yesterday – words to the effect of, “this had better not be another mojave experiment where everybody installs it and Microsoft goes HA HA! IT’S VISTA!”

    Then again, if it *is* a mojave then it just shows how broken vista was at the outset – the laptop I’m running 7 on was running pre-SP1 Vista, because no matter how hard I tried the service pack would never install. The laptop was so slow it was unusable; with 7, it’s not half bad.

  3. Gary

    BTW I don’t have an axe to grind – it’d be pretty hypocritical if I did, given that I write for Official Windows Vista Magazine. On decent kit it’s a decent OS and I like it a lot. But on low-end hardware it’s not been a very happy experience.

  4. Sure, Windows works, been using it in the dayjob since, well, since it came out really, but it’s just a lot less pleasant to use than OS X. The current hate is the software update that just reboots your computer if you don’t tell it not to.

  5. Squander Two

    I love the comments you’re getting from eejits on Techradar. You write a piece explaining how Microsoft could make more money by giving 7 away and half the comments are “Why should they give up their profits for you?” Not at all like the far better class of comment you get from us erudite people on your own site.

    You suck, by the way.

  6. Gary

    Heh. Apparently I’m being called a “retard” on Digg :)

  7. Apparently I’m being called a “retard” on Digg

    Yeah, ‘apparently’. You’re watching that by the second.

  8. Gary

    Zoinks! Foiled again!