Evening Times: and this is *before* the layoffs

etcrap As mentioned previously, Glasgow’s Evening Times is laying off a whole bunch of people because, apparently, they’re no longer needed in today’s multi-platform media world. Looks like they’ve already sacked the subs.

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I once left a comment on an ET online article which declared “They really have to be up their own backsides to think this plan will work.” When the ET ran it in the print edition, they had changed that sentence to “The city planners must be living in cloud-cuckoo land.” My comment was not even about the city planners, nor is “cloud- cuckoo land” an expression I’ve ever used in my life, but they still attributed that quote to me over my name. What was really ridiculous was that you could still go on the web site and see what I’d actually written, but you know the ET. “Nyeah nyeah! We can’t seeeee you!!”

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