Nokia’s “Comes With Music” translated for the UK

Thanks to the ever-entertaining No Rock’n’Roll Fun:

Comes Without Music But You Can Pay For Music If You Like. Just Not Too Many Tunes, Eh? Don’t Go Mad Or Anything. Two Songs A Week.





0 responses to “Nokia’s “Comes With Music” translated for the UK”

  1. Is anyone surprised?

    Now let’s see if anyone takes Nokia/3 to the Advertising Standards Authority over this… oh silly me, those rules only apply to Apple!

  2. It’s a shame, because Nokia probably have figured out one of the best new business models for music distribution and royalties here. If it did what it was supposed to, that is.

    I remember hearing (probably here, actually) that they’d got screwed by the record companies on this deal. Is this them passing their costs from that on to their customers or is this them getting screwed a second time by the networks?

  3. Gary

    I suspect it’s both.