Ubiquity: this could be awesome

Sorry, on deadline just now so this’ll be quick: Mozilla’s Ubiquity could be amazing. More on MetaFilter.

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All you need is a decent bit of speech recognition software and you’ve got the computer from Star Trek. :-)

Totally. There was a discussion about it somewhere (metafilter probably) pointing out the benefits to non-techy people if you teamed it up with speech recognition. Even at the current stage it’s pretty clever.

well, I have had frankly awful day at work arm wrestling with my computer to try and get a program to work, with no success.

In a fit of boredom tonight though I installed ubiquity and banged through the tutorial then experimented a bit – basically giggling and going “ooowww” like I small child whenever I discovered anything new.

Bugger the potential, all I care about it that it cheered me up right now.

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