Maybe I should have waited before shaving my legs

Despite reports, Girls Aloud are not planning to recruit a new member – at least, not according to the official site:

Over the weekend the papers have been filled with false stories on the girls. But instead of the tired old ‘split’ stories, they have invented rumours of a brand new Girls Aloud reality show. These reports could not be more wrong and the Girls are far too busy putting the finishing touches to their brand new album to be filming a new show, let alone bringing on board a new member.






0 responses to “Maybe I should have waited before shaving my legs”

  1. Shaving my legs was one of the worst things I ever did. Months of scratchy pain and I didn’t go any faster.

    I used to cycle fairly seriously.

  2. Squander Two

    I understood that it’s not to increase speed but to make nasty wounds easier to deal with after a crash. But pro cyclists have all been doing it for so long that a lot of them don’t know the original reason and so the go-faster myth has appeared.

  3. Doesn’t really help when you find yourself in the back of some gits van having novelly entered it using the windscreen with a leg at completely the wrong angle it should be. Thank god for adrenalin and passing out

  4. Squander Two

    And you say shaving your legs is one of the worst things you ever did? Blimey. Is there not much on the scale between those two events?

  5. I was reading on some cycling blog or other that the real reason cyclists shave their legs is because *other* cycles do it. That is, there’s no real reason, it’s just a cycling thing.

    I’m going to have to do it on one leg for a big tattoo I have planned so I might as well do the other leg while I’m there. I’m not particularly looking forward to it.

  6. Gary

    I have to admit, I was always puzzled by the idea that shaving your legs reduced wind resistance to the point that you actually gained a competitive advantage. Surely it’s just to make your muscles more obvious?

    @Squander Two:
    > And you say shaving your legs is one of the worst things you ever did?

    Not only was he halfway through a van – he was *itchy* as well :-o

  7. well, believe it or not, I didn’t ‘do’ that. It was something happened to me, and I really had no say in the matter.