Baby-proof my iPhone

An unusual request: does anybody know of a crystal case for the first-gen iPhone that *doesn’t* let you use the touch screen? I want to use it as a portable video player for baby bigmouth, but the touchscreen means she turns off the clips in seconds and then beats me around the face with the phone. Any ideas?

It’d be great if there was a preference that turned off the touch interface during video playback…

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“..and then beats me around the face with the phone”

I’d laugh but I watched a 9-month old baby headbutt a 10 year old giving her a nose-bleed.

Vicious babies. I blame the goverment.

(My last comment was suppose to be wrapped in ‘Daily Mail’ tags but it stripped them.. again, I blame Boris Johnston for this tag stripping.

> Vicious babies.

Indeed. All that gurgling, chuckling and lovable smiling is just to lull you into a false sense of security before they cause serious damage to unsuspecting adults. All babies know Kung Fu.

My God, that might actually work.

Now, how do you stop your toddler kicking you in the face for laughs while you’re trying to sleep?

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