More iPhone 3G nonsense

As Charles Arthur puts it: O2 opens brewery, forgets bottles.

For what it’s worth my local Carphone Warehouse didn’t open at 8.02; it opened at 9, and when the doors opened there were five people already at the counter. Maybe they were magicians, or maybe they were friends and family of staff. IT IS A MYSTERY!

It seems the shop’s total allocation was a mighty eight 8GB phones and 4 16-giggers. Credit checks – for existing customers, despite O2’s repeated comments that existing customers wouldn’t need a credit check – are taking an hour-plus.

What a shambles.





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  1. Gary

    Also, O2 seems to be moving the goalposts. Its “existing customer” stuff now says that they will contact you when you reach the end of your contract, not that you can just upgrade, and Carphone Warehouse’s site has been changed to say:

    “If you get your bill from O2

    * If you’re still in contract, you cannot upgrade to the new iPhone.””

    Which is a bit different from Monday’s:

    You don’t have to wait until the end of your existing contract to upgrade to the new iPhone 3G. All you’ll need to do is agree to a new 18-month minimum term contract.

  2. mupwangle

    I think that’s just to try and limit demand. When I was in CW earlier they were pretty much done with the process when the 16Gb stock went offline. I’m 7 months in and they said that was fine. O2 were the same. When they came out to ask people if they wanted an 8 or 16 (when the 16 had gone out of stock) they must’ve had about 30 combined.

    The CW staff seemed really stressed, even though the staff outnumbered the customers by 9.15.

  3. mupwangle

    >.“If you get your bill from O2 * If you’re still in contract, you cannot upgrade to the new iPhone.””

    I think that that is also to try put off people who are o2 direct customers going to CW when they’ve got stock at the expense of their own customers.

  4. Due to the 2 per business customer limit, my bosses decided to wait until things die down so we can get all 4 at once, hopefully, therefore I didn’t go to the Reading store. A friend of mine who was there said there was at least 100 people queued and was told by staff that there was at least 100 in stock. Of course with the service crash things took ever longer, so o2 staff started buying coffee and muffins for those in line!

  5. Mupwangle

    Carphone warehouse are still doing o2 upgrades. They called me today and are sending me a phone on Monday.