Make Amazon like a real bookshop

This is great: an interface for Amazon that attempts to recreate the bookshop browsing experience.

[Via MetaFilter]






0 responses to “Make Amazon like a real bookshop”

  1. andi

    nice, so simple, so easy and straight forward

    i could have thought of it, but somehow didn’t

  2. Alex

    It’s an interesting concept, but makes the site harder to use….I can’t imagine myself using it.

    Still, it’s a nice idea.

  3. From reading the description on MeFi I really expected the interface to suck, but it’s actually quite nice in a “nice, but I can’t see myself ever using it” kind of way.

  4. Oh, and you shouldn’t be able to scroll down. That makes it like the tallest bookshop in the world :)

  5. mupwangle

    I quite like it.

    It reminds me of the destroy flickr adobe air app. (

  6. Gary

    That looks good. Worth downloading?