iTunes movie store now in the UK too

Apple has brought its iTunes movie store to Britain, making the Apple TV about a million times more useful and hammering another nail into DVD’s coffin.

As ever, the catalogue’s a little sparse at launch – so you get I Am Legend but not No Country For Old Men – and like all legal digital downloads, the price often seems rather high compared to physical releases. You’re looking at £10.99 for new releases and £6.99 for old ones, and rentals are £3.49/£2.49.





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  1. > another nail into DVD’s coffin

    Are there a lot of nails already? I had no idea DVD was in trouble. Mind you, I switched from tape to CD about ten years later than everyone else.

  2. Gary

    Yeah, sales are heading downwards fast and the decline isn’t being arrested by Blu-Ray (HD-DVD’s dead now). It’s all about the torrents…