iPhone 2.0. 3G, GPS and a free horse

Well, probably not the horse. But even if nothing about the iPhone changes other than the addition of 3G, I’ll be rushing out to buy one immediately – although by “rushing” I mean “waiting until it comes to the UK and trying to magically summon money out of thin air so I can afford to buy one.” For all its flaws, it really is a superb, game-changing bit of kit and the one gadget I’d really hate to be without.

A lot of the tech blogs are full of crap about version 2 – hint: if Engadget has already exposed the “leaked photos” as fakes before you post them, then you’re really not trying hard enough – but there are enough apparently credible leaks to suggest that in addition to the stuff already expected (3G! 3G! 3G!) you’ll get more storage, a plastic case to improve reception, aGPS (which firms such as Nokia use; it’s better than the current Google Maps “where the hell am I?” offering in the current iPhone that made a certain baldy hack walk 300 miles around London when it turns out his hotel was 3 feet away from his starting point, but if you don’t have a phone signal you don’t have GPS) and a proper headphone socket. Videoconferencing? I don’t see it, because even when sprinkled with a bit of Apple magic it’s the answer to a question nobody’s asking. Video recording and MMS? Nobody’s sure. But I hope this rumour, courtesy of MacWorld, is true:

[on O2] Existing iPhone customers will be offered the chance to upgrade their mobile to the new model without charge – though they will be obliged to sign-up to another 18-month contract.

If not, I’ll be selling Baby Bigmouth on eBay.