Firefox 3 due later today

Will they manage to get a Guinness World Record for the most downloaded software in the world… ever!?

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From the PRs: “Surprisingly there isn’t a record set. Working with Guinness, the target has been set at 1.6 million but Mozilla is actually aiming to secure in the region of 5 million downloads in one day.”

If they don’t get their servers sorted they won’t get any. All Firefox and Mozilla domains are timing out.

Yeah, has done for a while. And FireFTP (in-browser FTP) finally got an update yesterday, which makes life much easier. It’s a very good browser; dunno how you’re finding it but on my macbook pro it’s much faster than FF2.

It does seem faster on the imac. It is bloody ugly though with the dark grey tabs.

Proto’s a bit lighter, and of course there are plenty of other themes out there.

it is faster than FF2 on the PC, But dosen’t work too well with skinning apps (Stardock Windowblinds) Menus go all weird, no text etc.

My favourite theme (Whitehart) doesn’t work any more :( Trying to find a replacement….

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