Should NME become a freesheet?

An interesting suggestion from No Rock’n’Roll Fun as NME unveils the seventy-third redesign this year:

Maybe the logical thing to do would be to abandon charging – perhaps except for subscribers, who could pay to ensure their supply – and try to build the readership that way. It might make more long-term sense than another relaunch every six months.

The full post takes an in-depth look at the NME’s latest new look. The verdict isn’t exactly a massive thumbs-up.






0 responses to “Should NME become a freesheet?”

  1. Ben

    The RSS feed has a ‘secret’ link to “office furniture in Bulgariamebeli” [] – which confused the hell out of me, as I was trying to work out why a Russian Furniture was coming on NME redesign….(!)

  2. Gary

    Thanks Ben. Spam duly zapped.

    This is very annoying.