Evernote: organise your life

Evernote looks interesting: it’s an information organiser for PC and Mac with some clever features including web clipping and the ability to email photos to it from your mobile phone. It then scans the pics and runs character recognition on ’em. It can also store audio and video, and seems happy with Office files and PDFs.

It’s in beta (by invitation only) just now, but if you want a go I’ve got a bunch of invites kicking around. Just ask for one in the comments.





0 responses to “Evernote: organise your life”

  1. Kevan Smith

    As a fellow gadgie (even if I’m currently exiled in england), I’d appreciate an invite.

  2. Andrew Newnham

    The URL you link to (http://preview.evernote.com/) gives a broken link when you click on ‘WHAT IS EVERNOTE?’. The standard URL http://www.evernote.com works fine.
    Practice what they preach?

  3. Gary

    Thanks Andrew, I’ve fixed the link.

  4. Looks interesting, I wouldn’t mind having a go…

  5. Gary

    Tis done.

  6. OK, go on – it might be fun, though it might also be like the gazillion other “organise your life! Easy!” programs I’ve opened once and forgotten. But if I don’t try, how will I know?

  7. Gary

    Heh, indeed. I haven’t been organised enough to put it through its paces yet…

  8. Hi Gary – good speaking to you earlier today. If you’ve got an invite left for Evernote I’d be interested in trying it out.

    Cheers, Andrew.

  9. Gary

    Hi Andrew, thanks a lot for your time earlier. Evernote invite should be winging its way to you now.