O2, Carphone Warehouse cut iPhone prices, fuel rumour mill

£100 off the 8GB from tomorrow until June, and CW’s offering a refund if you bought one in the last 30 days. Clearing the decks for the 3G? Looks like it…





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  1. Probably. I bought my 8Gb two days before the 16Gb came out.

  2. Rumor sez the Ozzie one will be 3G and non-tied to a network

  3. Much like Stephen, I bought mine a couple of days before the 16Gb version came out. Very frustrating…

  4. Gary

    Ah, but that’s the joys of technology. The best time to buy tech is the day after it’s been delivered.

    Anybody *not* think the 3G’s coming in June?

  5. mupwangle

    After the recent revelations about o2’s 3g network – I don’t think it matters. :-D

  6. So, now folks’ve had them for a while, is it worth forking out for one? Not, that I’ve got gadget envy or anything…

  7. mupwangle

    I still think mine is really good. It is really useful as a web tablet when near a wi-fi connection. The tariffs are better now too. The touch can do all the wi-fi stuff too though, so I’m not sure that the cost of the phone is worth it. Off wi-fi – not so good and edge coverage is a bit random. On edge it isn’t too bad. 3g, if it wasn’t for o2 throttling it, might be quite good. When 3rd party apps start appearing I think it might be pretty good. Some of the jailbreak apps are showing promise.

  8. Gary

    iPhone’s great, but Edge suuuuuuuuuuuucks (and it sucks in other countries too, it seems). I’d wait for 3G, meself. Although I did say that about the iPhone when it first came out and bought one anyway.

  9. The Nokia E90’s lovely.

    I’ll get me coat.

  10. I just keep having to remind myself it doesn’t have a radio. It’s the SE K850 I really want, if I’m honest. think I’ve got another 6 months on my contract before that’s likely to happen, though.

  11. Flick

    As much as the iPhone look sexy, I’m afraid I could not imagine life without my Nokia N95 which does everything a modern phone should do minus being bent over the o2 high tariff barrel with trousers at half mast.

  12. Gary

    I think when it comes to phones in particular, it’s about what feels right – so for me the iPhone was cheaper than the blackberry I had, and better. Plus it works with the various docks, chargers, car kits etc I’ve got around the house. But more than anything else, I like the way it displays text. Hardly a deal-breaker, I know, but it’s the same reason I prefer working on a mac to working on a PC. Words look nicer :) Sure, other phones have more capacity, goodies, 3G, whatever, but ultimately it comes down to a preference. I like the iPhone, more than I like the rivals.

  13. I really love my iPhone, I can’t imagine being without it now. As Gary says, it’s just so aesthetically pleasing, really good design. It is the Mac of mobiles. My work BlackBerry gets the job done but it’s clunky and poorly thought out compared to iPhone, just like my work Thinkpad.

    It’s not perfect, of course. Edge is a bit annoying at times (although in London there is coverage everywhere) and once or twice it has behaved a bit weirdly. It sometimes gets warmer than I’m comfortable with. But overall it’s the best mobile phone I’ve owned by a very wide margin, and also the best iPod. Like most Apple products it’s mainly designed to delight (did you see the other day that Microsoft actually admitted that their goal was to annoy users: I was certainly annoyed today by the “forced restart” after Windows Update downloaded more patches) and Apple are very good at it. It’s something that brings a smile to my face every day.

    (Why does WordPress keep making me login? Grr!)

  14. Regarding the price cut/3G/whatever: one thing you have to remember in the tech world is that there is always an argument in favour of waiting for the improved product, but if you always follow that argument, you’ll never buy anything.

    If I hadn’t bought my iPhone back in February, I could either buy it now for £100 less, or possibly buy the 3G one in June, yes: but I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of owning the iPhone for the last two months, and would have more months without it if waiting for the 3G one. I’m not unhappy with the choice I made.

  15. mupwangle

    >>that there is always an argument in favour of waiting for the improved product,

    In this case, the price cut makes it a slightly harder decision, but usually buying immediately before a change in hardware that you know is coming soon is foolish.

  16. Gary

    > (Why does WordPress keep making me login? Grr!)

    No idea. Cookies?

    > I’m not unhappy with the choice I made.

    Oh, I understand that – I’m resigned to the fact that whenever I upgrade the laptop, a better deal will appear within about three days of delivery. That said, if you want 3G, is it worth buying non-3G now and then presumably paying full whack for the 3G one when it comes out in two months? Is iPhone ownership joy worth £170 for eight weeks plus contract if you’re going to go 3G?

  17. Gary

    Sorry, missed a bit:
    > Edge is a bit annoying at times (although in London there is coverage everywhere)

    Obviously coverage up here is balls, but even when there *is* edge coverage I find it desperately slow. That doesn’t seem to be a “scots get rubbish EDGE” thing either, because I found exactly the same thing in the US. Google mapping was tortuously slow, and email took forever. I think it’s exascerbated by the way the iPhone does proper web, so you’re comparing EDGE against a proper web experience. If that makes sense.

  18. Vic got me an XBox360 for my birthday, which was awfully nice of her. Just two days later, we see the new TV ads for cut-price XBox360s. Tsk.

    Still a great present, though.

  19. mupwangle

    >>Vic got me an XBox360 for my birthday

    Get the orange box. Portal is really quite ace. A first-person puzzle game with a rather warped sense of humour.

  20. I might take advantage of the price reduction to get one bought for me for my birthday. I already have a 3G phone and I hardly ever use it, although I’ve never added the web bolt-on to see how good web-surfing over 3G could be.

    I don’t think I’d use the iPhone for much web use at all. I’d want it primarily to sync in with iCal and to keep all my contacts up to date. That’s the deal winner for me. I just wonder if I’d actually need 3G if web use isn’t really that important to me.

    I suspect not, so I may just take the plunge now and save £100

  21. mupwangle

    Or just keep your 3g phone and buy the ipod touch. Smaller, more memory and no contract. Identical device except for the gsm radio on it.

  22. In this case, the price cut makes it a slightly harder decision, but usually buying immediately before a change in hardware that you know is coming soon is foolish.

    Well, I suppose the question there is what we know. Maybe the price cut is to clear out 8Gb phones because no-one is buying them, or because 32Gb phones are on the way, rather than 3G. We just don’t know.

    But I agree that if I had waited, I would probably wait a bit longer now; the price cut certainly indicates something is happening, so might as well wait and see what it is.

    On Edge: I find it annoyingly slow to check email. Google Maps is not that bad. The web isn’t too bad either, although obviously slower than broadband, but it’s usually just 10 or 15 seconds slower rather than 2 minutes sort of thing.