Don’t all rush to HMV at once, now

From the press release pile:

Finnish operatic rock supergroup, Northern Kings, release their debut album, Reborn, in the UK on Monday 16th June, on Warner Music, and the single ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ will be released in the UK as a digital download and limited edition CD on 12th June.

Reborn, which has achieved gold status in Finland, features symphonic orchestral rock interpretations of eighties classics ranging from Brothers in Arms, Ashes to Ashes, Sledgehammer, Hello, I Just Died In Your Arms, We Don’t Need Another Hero, plus Radiohead’s 1993 song Creep.

Here’s the full track listing.

Don’t Stop Believin’
We Don’t Need Another Hero
Broken Wings
Rebel Yell
Ashes To Ashes
Fallen On Hard Times
I Just Died In Your Arms
Don’t Bring Me Down
In The Air Tonight
Brothers In Arms





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  1. Mr Shankly

    Actually the David Bowie and Radiohead covers might be quite interesting.


    Oh my.

    I really don’t know what to think.

  3. Gary

    That’s really… interesting. And Ashes To Ashes is even more… interesting.

    I love this comment by some YouTube user on their Brothers In Arms cover:

    “Northern Kings are fucking awesome. The Reborn album could have been shit.”

    Yes. It could indeed have been shit.


  4. Alex


  5. Alex

    Comment from the (unsurprisingly terrible) version of ‘In The Air Tonight’ –

    “Phil Collinssongs and Marco singing them has to be one of the best combinations, ever.”

    -yes, ‘ever’. I wonder if database113 (for it is he commenting) is entirely deaf? Maybe blind as well.

    If you’re feeling like you want to torture yourself then you should go here -> – but I would strongly advise against it.

  6. I loved this comment on the Rebel Yell cover:

    “THIS FUCKING SUCKS! Rebel Yell is arguably the greatest rock song EVER writen and these guys killed the spirit of it by slowing it down. I would rather put lime in my dickhole than listen to this piece of shit ever again!”

    Apart from the subtle understatement of the comment, I agree entirely.

  7. mupwangle

    Do you think that the comment was from that bloke from EMF?

  8. Jeff Weybridge

    I just ordered a Finnish import of the Reborn album. I have to say, it’s patchy in places (the ELO cover is shit), but on the whole, Northern Kings have produced an amazing album of creepy and atmospheric symphonic rock. The orchestral arrangements on their version of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ is startling. The moody rendition of Dire Straits’ ‘Brother In Arms’ is like the fall of the Kremlin. Simple fucking AWESOME.

  9. Gary

    Doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid. And I quite like creepy and atmospheric rock :)

  10. Hey Hey!

    Heres how you can get ‘reborn’ in the UK:

    “‘Reborn’ the new record from Finnish supergroup Northern KIngs is released in the UK on Monday 16th June through Warner Music Entertainment, for more info contact”