Hey, musicians – it’s time for the machines to take over

If you thought Autotune was clever, this will blow your mind.

Direct Note Access is a technology that makes the impossible possible: for the first time in audio recording history you can identify and edit individual notes within polyphonic audio material. The unique access that Melodyne affords to pitch, timing, note lengths and other parameters of melodic notes will now also be afforded to individual notes within chords.

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  1. I am absolutely in awe of the developers who figured that one out.

    Melodyne’s always been impressive, but this just takes the biscuit. And I notice that it’s got less expensive than it used to be — I think the big huge studio version used to be the only option, but the Melodyne Plugin is a brilliant idea: gives you the amazing audio editing without the multitracking, so of course you can buy it as an effective upgrade to whatever multitracker you’re already using. I may have to splash out next time I’m flush (currently scheduled for 2013).

  2. Gary

    > I am absolutely in awe

    Likewise. I was impressed enough by their single-instrument one, but to be able to do that with a polyphonic sound source is mind-bogglingly clever.

    If we thought AutoTune was abused…