Even better than the real thing

This is brilliant: Fake Steve Jobs takes on Wired reporter Leander Kahney and wins spectacularly.

Leander, you are a hopeless pussy. This kind of attitude is why you’re a hack at Wired and not running your own multi-billion-dollar company.

It’s not just that the interview is funny, although it is: it’s that in these days of media management, an interview with the fake Steve Jobs is a million times more interesting and entertaining than an interview with the real SJ would be. Same applies to celebs, whether it’s Craig Brown’s fake diaries in Private Eye or the (hit and miss) celeb diaries in the Guardian on Saturdays.

The whole point of an interview is to get the truth, and these days celebs and CEOs alike are smart enough (or trained enough) to provide anything but. It’s quite frustrating sometimes: you know what the answer is, the interviewee knows what the answer is, but there’s absolutely no way in hell they’re going to say anything on the record and there’s no way they’ll give you anything with a bit of personality. So why bother?

Maybe the answer is for every celeb and CEO to hire a fake version of themselves to take care of media stuff. You could have a Fake Richard Branson, a Fake Mohammed Al Fayed, a Fake Britney, a Fake Rupert Murdoch and so on. You still won’t get the truth, but it’d make newspapers a lot funnier.