Blogs and suicide

An excellent post by MetaFilter user Miko on the story that an ad executive was driven to suicide by blogs:

There’s no ‘brain condom’ you can put on when you use the internet — (or take a job, or walk into the world) — that will protect you from nasty words. Fortunately for most of us, there is more to people’s lives than the internet, and perspective can return when we step away and offset random communications from near-strangers with concrete, longstanding, and meaningful relationships and activities. Parents can counsel wise use, and can cut the connection if need be. Adults can spend time with friends, exercise, engage in hobbies, limit their own exposure to stressful information. Perhaps in this age where online communication is new to many people and they aren’t sure how to handle it, teaching interpersonal relationship building, communication skills which apply on and off-line, and better physical and mental self-care will become increasingly necessary.