NetNewsWire and FeedDemon are now freeware

Excellent news about excellent software:

NetNewsWire 3.1 is free!

By free I mean both that we’ve released it from its cage and that it costs no money. Zero dollars.

Upgrades are free. It’s free for new users. It’s freeware.

You can download it right away. Here are the change notes.

NetNewsWire is not alone—we’ve also made FeedDemon, NewsGator Inbox, and NewsGator Go! free.

5 replies on “NetNewsWire and FeedDemon are now freeware”

Does Firefox’s HTML bookmark export work with it? I’ve never tried – I’ve set Firefox to automatically send RSS subscriptions to NNW.

There’s an option in NetNewsWire to import feeds, but I’m not sure where Firefox saves the bookmarks

Baaa – if only Topstyle, the dogs bollocks of CSS editing, was free as well.

I use Sage in Firefox, am I really missing out?

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