Firefox 3 beta 2…

…is really, really fast on the Mac. Seems stable enough too, although inevitably online banking goes in a big huff about unsupported browsers.

Download link here, beta software may taunt your relatives and eat your computer, etc etc etc.





0 responses to “Firefox 3 beta 2…”

  1. Ben

    My online banking goes in a huff if I look at it sideways. Or if I’m not wearing socks.

  2. About time really! Wonder if its any better at watching stage 6 streaming vids now.

  3. Danger! They’ve completely redone the bookmarks function, it’s now recursive and confusing as hell. What used to take a couple of clicks now takes many, and it is apparently impossible to name your own folders in upper levels of the bookmark hierarchy. A BIG step backward. Downloader beware!