Bono to “put some funk” into a Dell

For funk’s sake.

Dell and Microsoft are teaming up to release a Product Red computer, donating up to $80 for every PC sold to fund AIDS-fighting drugs in Africa…

The PCs, designed in part by Bono, will have a distinctive red casing and the Windows interface will feature a red background and sidebar. “My job is to put some poetry in the machine, put some funk in the machines,” Bono claims.






0 responses to “Bono to “put some funk” into a Dell”

  1. ‘Oi Bono, move away from the computer grandad, you are clearly clueless’

  2. What’s the name of that Facebook group I joined? Something like “Bono is quite possibly the biggest wanker the world has ever seen”.

  3. Mr. Mac

    Dell, Microsoft and Bono!?!?!

    The Uncool Triumvirate is complete. I like U2 but Bon(e)o is such an utter tossbag that I hesitate to admit it. The only person to rival his level of “hip” is some dubious character called The Edge. Quite ironic really since he has none.

    Alex, you have me snorting at my desk.

  4. James Brown couldn’t put funk into a Dell.

  5. Dunno, I quite often hear folk round here referring to funkin’ Dell. At least i think that’s what they’re saying.

  6. andi

    twas in the summer of zoo that i stopped buying u2s discs, nuthin i’ve seen or heard from them has changed my mind that bono and the rest of em had gone ta shite, and now he stands wiv the nerd gates well…

    check out
    to see where your RED monies is really going (sorry if the link isn’t clickable)

    2 brick throwing hats on, not only an exu2 fan but a arrogant mac user to boot

    btw did i not hear bill was giving all his money away, or is it just everyone elses