Two unrelated and rather depressing stories about journalism

Charles Arthur on Heat magazine’s offensive stickers:

But what drove Heat to such a massive misjudgement? This is a magazine that used to know its readers, and when I used to pick it up, the feeling I got was that it didn’t think its readers were cruel. But this was cruel; heartless; thoughtless. It lacked compassion.

So what’s happened to Heat? Competition.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun on the apparent firing by CNet of a veteran games writer. His crime? Giving Kane & Lynch a less than stellar review:

Our very reliable source tells us that while Gerstmann wasn’t the most popular man with the CNET owners, it was his Kane & Lynch review alone that saw him fired. You see, Eidos had just spent huge, huge amounts of money securing massive advertising across the site, skinning the entire front page with K&L commercials, along with running gimmick adverts allowing readers to cut their own K&L trailers. So a 6 wasn’t exactly the mark they were hoping for.