The car park iPhone purchasing decision

I’ve just bought an iPhone, despite saying I wouldn’t. It’s not because O2’s dumped its daft data transfer limit, although that helps. It’s not that O2’s decided to play nice with existing customers or that its iPhone tariff actually saves me a tenner compared to the Blackberry contract I’m on, although that helps too. And it’s not pure techno-lust, although that’s part of it. It’s because I spent the other night standing in the pouring rain in a supermarket car park, cursing my phone.

The other night, we needed something for the baby and it couldn’t wait. After trawling the supermarkets without success, I tried to find a late night chemist. No bother – just Google it. So I did. Or rather, I spent ages typing the search query into my Blackberry’s browser, hit OK, and got the Google home page instead. No search. So I typed the search again, and the browser crashed.

In the end I phoned home, and Mrs Bigmouth used the laptop to Google for me. When you’re paying 40-odd quid per month for an internet-enabled phone, that just isn’t good enough.

Plus, the iPhone looks nice.

(A little later – the iPhone may look nice but my God, O2 really are a bunch of spanners)